Chapter Liaison Information

Chapter Liaison Structure

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why is there a new Structure?

The Office of Greek Affairs believes that this model for chapter assistance will allow our staff to maximize the potential of resources and assistance that can be provided to chapters. We recognize that organizations within the Greek community are self-governing organizations and believe that any additional assistance requested by chapters can be best resourced by providing multiple layers of staff support.

Why does my chapter have a specific staff member?

Staff members have been assigned chapters based on professional skills and abilities, previous needs of chapters, as well as balancing staff responsibilities within the Office of Greek Affairs.

What are the expectations of the liaison?

The liaison is intended to be an additional resource for the chapter. In no way should the liaison replace any chapter advising the organization is already receiving. The liaison should be informed of important dates, events, resources for Iowa State University and be able to provide that information to the chapter.

What if my chapter has a preference for working with a particular member of the Office of Greek Affairs staff?

Greek Affairs staff members are equally prepared and able to work with every chapter. The liaison assigned to each chapter will consider the chapter a top priority in her/his work responsibilities. The entire staff is willing to work with any chapter that needs assistance whenever that occasion may arise. Staff members will ask chapter representatives if they have shared their concern with their liaison. If you have an issue with the services provided to you by your liaison (or have positive feedback) please share that information with the Assistant Dean/Director of Greek Affairs.

How long will we work with this liaison?

Graduate staff members change annually and professional staff change from time to time. The liaison structure will be reviewed annually at the end of the calendar year and new liaisons will be announced prior to the start of the academic year.

My council adviser is different than my liaison…who do I contact?

Both staff members will be able to help you with your concern. If it is a question about council structure, organization, or policy feel free to contact your council advisor first. If there is a question about resources for your chapter, impact of policy on your chapter, or overall expectations of your chapter, then connect with your liaison first.