February Newsletter

Office of Greek Affairs Newsletter

February 26, 2016


The Iowa State Greek Community has released their 2016-2020 strategic plan, Vision 2020, outlining the goals and objectives to reach by May, 2020. Vision 2020 is a five year plan that focuses on the five pillars: academics, brotherhood/sisterhood, civic engagement, leadership, and social justice. It is this strategic plan to create stronger fraternity and sorority community at Iowa State University.



The pursuit of knowledge and striving for personal excellence in the classroom. Academics objectives encompass graduation/retention, academic success, and support/resources.



The building of lifelong relationships in an organization and throughout the community. Brotherhood/sisterhood objectives encompass size and growth of the community, programming, marketing materials, and lifelong membership.


Civic Engagement

The development of responsibility to actively participate in your community. Civic engagement objectives encompass education and programming, community engagement, and valuing tradition.



The ability to guide individuals or an organization toward a common goal. Leadership objectives encompass leadership programming, alumni and advisers, faculty and staff, and student support.


Social Justice

The promotion of change through challenging inequalities and embracing diversity. Social justice objectives encompass safe and welcoming space, assessment, and education.


Read Vision 2020 in its entirety at www.greek.iastate.edu under resources.


Student Organization Spotlight: SAFE Liaisons

By Paul Hengesteg 

SAFE Liaison Practicum Student

When was the last time you looked around at your Greek Community? No, I mean really looked. What things do you notice? What stood out for you? What was missing from your view? As a result of your inspection, could you classify the ISU Greek Community as “a relatively diverse group of people”?


That depends on your perspective, I suppose. But, I would challenge you to think about this: are groups of people being left out of the full Greek experience?

By now, everyone should be aware of The Office of Greek Affairs’ strategic plan, Vision 2020. In it, you will notice that Social Justice is an important component of the leading document. Vision 2020 will shape and influence our community and the decisions we all make. Indeed, the strategic plan will impact the people involved in the ISU Greek Community -- who will be included, how might they engage, what organizations they serve, and potentially even the philanthropic nature of the community.


A handful of years ago, a graduate student at ISU sought to find out how the ISU Greek Community felt about its lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer (LGBTQ) members -- or the potential of welcoming new LGBTQ persons into the Greek Community. The results of the assessment indicated that many members of fraternities and sororities welcomed their LGBTQ brother and sisters. The data also found, however, that some work needed to be done to improve the quality of life (think: safety, sense of belonging, level of “out-ness,” and inclusionary language or practices) for those who are not heterosexual or cisgender.

Enter SAFE Liaisons. [To continue reading, click HERE]


Greek Leadership Retreat  


Council officers, chapter presidents, and other Greek community leaders attended the 2016 Greek Leadership Retreat on January 7th-9th. The retreat included large group activities and small group sessions focused around answers to the questions, “What do we want for the Greek community?” and “How will we live our values this year?”. Small group sessions focused on reflection and discussion of the larger themes. Students left the retreat empowered and developed a better understanding of the organizations around them. One main goal of the retreat, collaboration, was achieved as students came together to brainstorm their ideas to implement within the Greek community. Collaboration was also seen as a result of cross council bonding.





AFLV Central Recap

By Amanda Oller

Leadership Education and Development Graduate Adviser

This February, Iowa State University had the privilege of sending 53 Greek community leaders to the Association of Fraternal Leadership and Values (AFLV) Central Conference and the National Black Greek Leadership Conference (NBGLC)  in Indianapolis. AFLV holds an annual conference that provides leaders the opportunity to learn about issues that face Greek organizations across the country. Our attendees had the opportunity to form relationships with student leaders from universities, councils, and chapters from across the nation, and engage in educational programs that build better leaders and a better Greek community. Keynote sessions included topics like racism in Greek organizations, the strengths of the millennial generation, and how to be courageous leaders.

In addition to attending educational programs, our student leaders had the opportunity to participate in the AFLV Stroll Competition. Members of all four Iowa State councils came together to participate in a stroll, which is a type of choreographed movements that are traditional of NPHC and MGC organizations.

This year, the Iowa State Greek community was recognized by AFLV for many achievements in the fraternity and sorority community. Our Fraternal Values Society chapter won the Michael A. McRee Award for the best Fraternal Values Society Chapter. Our Collegiate Panhellenic Council won the Southerland Award for the best overall Panhellenic Council, and our Interfraternity Council won the Jellison Award for the best overall Interfraternity Council. The Iowa State Greek Community also won the Pinnacle Award for the best strategic recruitment program in the country. There is no doubt that our community has many accomplishments to be proud of, and our leaders will use their experiences they had at AFLV to make it even better.




Student Organization Spotlight: Greek Community Ambassadors

Greek Community Ambassadors were recently declared a student organization. Greek Community Ambassadors is a volunteer program designed for current Greek members to create awareness, positively promote, stimulate interest, and represent the Iowa State University Greek community with prospective students, families, community members and stakeholders. Greek Community Ambassadors communicate a comprehensive view of student life at ISU, while focusing on various aspects of the Greek community including leadership, civic engagement, social justice, and social activities.