Emerging Greek Leadership Council (EGLC)

Emerging Greek Leadership Council (EGLC)

The Emerging Greek Leadership Council (EGLC) serves as a stimulating environment for new members of the Greek Community. The council works in conjunction with the four councils of the Greek community to build a strong foundation for future Greek involvement by encouraging the development of leadership skills, citizenship, character, and camaraderie. EGLC serves as a stepping stone for future involvement both throughout the Greek Community and campus-wide leadership and involvement. 

For more information, contact Sydni Harmon (grknphc@iastate.edu)

Membership Applications

The 2018 Emerging Greek Leadership Council Applications are now OPEN! Applications are open from October 11th, 2017 until November 10th, 2017. Fill out an application here or email Sydni Harmon (grknphc@iastate.edu) for more information.

Mentor Program and Applications

To cultivate strong relationships among emerging leaders and current leaders in the community, there is also an Emerging Greek Leadership Council Mentoring Program. Current members of the community that have held and currently hold leadership positions in their chapters and on-campus organizations are encouraged to apply. The program will include approximately three required meetings a month while school is in session. The goal of the program is to not only inspire mentees, but also to all the mentors to continue to develop as leaders through educating others by what they have experienced.

The 2018 Emerging Greek Leadership Council Mentor Applications are also open. Fill out a mentor application here or email Sydni Harmon (grknphc@iastate.edu) for more information.

You can also use this form to nominate someone you feel would be a great mentor to the EGLC community.