Vision 2020

Greek Community Mission Statement:

The Greek Community of Iowa State University is committed to developing lifelong exceptional citizens who will make a positive impact on the world. 

Office of Greek Affairs Purpose Statement:

The Iowa State University Office of Greek Affairs creates opportunities to become effective citizens in a global society through collaboration and community engagement, the development of self-efficacy and leadership, and the advancement of social justice.

5 Pillars of the Community:
Academics: the pursuit of knowledge and striving for personal excellence in the classroom

Friendship: the building of lifelong relationships in an organization and throughout the community

Civic Engagement: the development of responsibility to actively participate in your community

Leadership: The ability to guide individuals or an organization toward a common goal

Social Justice: the promotion of change through challenging inequalities and embracing diversity

"Values-based organizations are groups that stand strongly in their beliefs and their members act in accordnace with those values in their everyday lives. Our community is full of values-based organizations. As members, we work hard and strive each and every day to fulflll these values."








Ally T., CPC President 

Vision 2020 Strategic Plan

Greek Community Strategic Plan 2010-2015