Chapter Judicial Information

Chapter Judicial Information as determined by the Governing Councils

Below is information pertaining to the disciplinary status of fraternities and sororities at Iowa State as determined by the governing councils. The Office of Greek Affairs publishes this information in conjunction with the governing councils to help students make informed decisions regarding the organizations they may choose to join at Iowa State. Disclosure of an organization's disciplinary status can be found below. Only chapters found responsible by their governing council will be listed here.

Date Added

OrganizationCouncil Prohibited ConductSanction (S) /Recomendations (R)
4/6/2017Phi Kappa Theta

IFC Bylaw article VI Section 4
Constitution Article III

Comply with all sanctions issued by the Office of Student Conduct. (S)

Social Host and Conduct Probation through the Interfraternity Council until working chapter judicial board is created. (S)

Meet with the IFC VP of Risk Prevention to review risk management and event management polciies and procedures before presenting these to the Office of Student Conduct. (S)

Chapter leaders must meet with the respective IFC executive council memebr to discuss their position within the chapter and ask any questions they may have. (S)

Meet with Joel Hochstein (Student Conduct) for any conduct or judicial board questions the chapter may have. (R)

Meet with Student Wellness regarding the alcohol awareness program. (R)

Create the membership devleop committee that was discussed during the hearing. (R)

Have more members than just the risk manager attend the Alcohol Skills Training Program on Sunday April 9th. (R)

1/10/2017Theta XiCouncil Conduct

Apologize to Adelante Fraternity and acknowledge conduct was conducted by members of Theta Xi. Due 2/1/2017. (S)

Inform Adelante Fraternity of reprimands that members responsible for incident faced Due 2/1/2017 (S)

Try to resolve future issues betweeen chapters internally. (R)

Add a section to new member education that focuses on respecting all fraternities. (R)

Build positive relations between Adelante and Theta Xi chapters through activities such as grill outs or other get togethers. (R)