January 2017 Newsletter

Office of Greek Affairs Newsletter

January 2017

Iowa State University

Welcome Back!
Billy Boulden
Assistant Dean of Students and Director of Greek Affairs





I cannot believe that we are already three weeks into another semester. I know how busy our staff has been so I can only imagine how busy students, greek leaders, and advisers have been already this semester.

As we begin another semester and a new term of office for many student leaders, I believe this is an important time for us to be thinking about our future. What are the characteristics that define a successful chapter, a council, or a community? I had the opportunity to attend a retreat for current and emerging leaders at another institution recently. As a part of the experience there, I heard students there share the major issues in their community. What struck me the most was that these students were able to self-articulate that these problems were not new for their community. They talked about four council inclusion, sexual assault, alcohol consumption, organizational structure, and collaboration.

I sat there thinking to myself, our community is facing these same issues.

I sat there thinking to myself, these are the issues we have been facing for years.

I sat there thinking to myself, while students identify these are the problems, what are we doing about it?

I sat there thinking to myself, what would success look like for our community this year if we were able to address these issues?

The truth of the matter is that this community belongs to the more that 5000 undergraduates who have made the decision to be better people. This community is not in the hands of the advisers or of the Greek Affairs staff. While are here to support students, it is the students that have to make the change. Chapter advisers, house directors, and the Greek Affairs staff are here to support you and your siblings to create the change you want to see in your community. We all work diligently to support you. Tell us how we may best support you as you take on the challenges 2017 brings.

My challenge to all students this year is to think about what success looks like for your organization, council, and community. What is the problem most prevalent to you? How are you a part of the solution? What does success look like? What will your legacy be? Will you be the student that bridges the gap between all four councils and contributes to the development of one community? Will you be the student who stands up to your peers when they are making poor decisions? Will you be the leader that thinks creatively to set new standards for involvement in your chapter? How do you want to be remembered? The time is now for you to act courageously as a leader.

Office Staff Update: Welcome, Alle Savat!

The office is pleased to welcome a new Academic Support Practicum student, Alle Savat. 

Alle graduated from Winona State University with a Communication Studies major. She is currently pursuing her masters degree in Student Affairs in Higher Education. 

While pursuing her undergraduate degree, Alle was involved with Sigma Sigma Sigma as the foundation chair, philanthropy chair, Vice President of New Membership Education, and Chapter President. Alle was also selected to attend Dunham Character Development for up and coming leaders and selected for the Labyrinth Leadership Experience for leaders within Tri Sigma. 

Within the Office of Greek Affairs, Alle will be advising IFC, CPC, & MGC scholarship representatives along with Gamma Sigma Alpha president in planning events throughout the semester. She will serve as their adviser and help them throughout the semester to meet goals and work on improving scholarship throughout the Greek community. 

Alle is originally from Winona, Minnesota but says her favorite part of Iowa State is the campanile and walking across the campus and hearing the bells chime! Her favorite part of her job so far has been working one-on-one with students. Alle's advice to students is to do what is best for you and take your time making choices! When she is not tending to her school work, you can find Alle (literally) running around Ames. 


Alternative Spring Break: Indianapolis
Ruth Ann Roberts
Leadership Education and Development Adviser


Project Indianapolis was started in 2011 by a graduate assistant in the Office of Greek Affairs. We have sent a group of Iowa State Greek students to Indianapolis for the past six years and 2017 will be the seventh trip for Greek students to serve the Indianapolis community. We go to Indianapolis because there is a need for service in the community and because there are many national headquarters located in/around Indianapolis.

The Greek Alternative Spring Break trip operates like a student organization with a leadership team and also trip participants. The Office of Greek Affairs creates an application, conducts applicant interviews, and selection of the leadership team. The remaining trip participants are selected using a partnership that we have with the Student Activities Center and the Iowa State Alternative Spring Break initiative. We cap our trip at a total of 20 students.

On our trip we contact different organizations that provide resources/programming to the homeless population of Indianapolis. We also visit inter/national headquarters on our trip to help our students understand how much bigger the Greek experience is than just the Iowa State Greek community. Our students are able to bond through community service projects and sharing Greek relationships.

On the trip students are encouraged to keep a personal journal for self-reflection. We have a blog that is run by our students where a group reflection is posted at the end of each day we are in Indianapolis. The leadership team is tasked with leading the group reflection.

Since there are so many pieces to our trip, we start planning in late August and hope to have most details solidified by the end of the fall semester.  Then, upon returning in the spring, we start our pre-trip meetings. These meetings range from socials to bringing in speakers that work with the homeless population in Ames to having conversations about identity, social justice, and civic engagement. We are currently working on developing our post-trip activities to make an impact in the Ames community.

This year's trip will run from Saturday, March 11 through Thursday, March 16 and will cost less than $300. If you have questions, please contact Ruth Ann at mgcgrk@iastate.edu. The application can be found at https://goo.gl/forms/tCWkYOntAcUf2CVF3.



 Greek Leadership Retreat Summary
Elizabeth Gillmore
Assistant Director


The Office of Greek Affairs hosted the annual Greek Leadership Retreat the weekend before spring semester classes began. Chapter presidents, council executive officers, and new this year was participation from the presidents of Greek auxiliary organizations.  In total over 90 student leaders attended the retreat. 

The retreat was again held at the Twin Lakes Camp in Manson, Iowa.  Student leaders participated in large group presentations and small group discussions.  The retreat was facilitated by the Office of Greek Affairs staff and on and off campus partners.  Also new this year was a co-facilitation model. 

Small groups had one ISU staff member facilitator and one off campus partner facilitator to lead their groups.  Students engaged in learning with the Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) model from the Collaborative for Academic, Social and Emotional Learning (CASEL) organization.  Some of the most notable discussions included the Johari Window to assess ones strengths and limitations when working with others and students participated in a series of small group challenges to practice communication skills and work toward common goals. 

Finally, the students completed gratitude sessions, set goals, learned about conflict resolution techniques, and developed a personal action plan.  Students reported having learned many new skills, developing new relationships, and having a lot of fun at the retreat. 


Chapter Resource Page
Katy Cran

Assistant Director 

Chapter officers can find helpful resources on the updated Office of Greek Affairs website Chapter Resources page at www.greek.iastate.edu/resources/chapter-resources. On this site, leaders will find on-campus resources, off-campus connections, and more to improve chapter initiatives. The page serves as a toolbox to assist chapters with academics, programming, and branding/marketing. We recommend that the chapter president, scholarship chair, public relations chair, and programming chair for each chapter utilize this site as a first stop when starting their positions or need new ideas for the chapter. By the end of the semester, the Office of Greek Affairs will also provide recruitment, financial literacy, and civic engagement resource pages on the website.

Have a great idea for a resource page? Let us know at greekaffairs@iastate.edu.





Event Review Checklist
Addison Snyder, Collegiate Panhellenic Council Vice President of Risk Prevention
Drew Cubit, Interfraternity Council Vice President of Risk Prevention
Multicultural Greek Council Vice President


General Tips for All Forms:

- All events held between multiple Greek Chapters requires EVERY Chapter to fill out the necessary form(s) & submit them.

- When filling out an Event Authorization Committee form and pairing with another chapter, only one chapter needs ot fill out the form. 

- Themes: Any theme that is derogatory, racist, sexist, dangerous, culturally insensitive, suggestive, etc. are not tolerated. Consider what this event looks like to those in the community (Greek & non-Greek) and how the theme and costuming reflects the values we uphold.

- For the “Description of Event” section on Forms A, B, C, and D, provide an actual theme (i.e. “Coastal Paradise,” “Back to the 80’s”). Events such as “Wine Wednesday,” “Dance/Music Party,” “Basement Party,” etc. do not pass through the review process.

- For the “Entertainment Description” section on Form D’s, provide a brief explanation of the activities being held during the event (i.e. costume contest, live music/DJ, speed dating, decorating cookies, etc.).

- Sober Monitor Rule-of-Thumb (Form A & Form B)

  • 300 attendees = at least 5 monitors
  • 350 attendees = 6 monitors 
  • 400 attendees = 7 monitors
  • 450 attendees = 8 monitors
  • 500 attendees = 9+ monitors

For each additional 50 attendees, 1 more monitor must be added. Always round up!

- For the alternative food & beverage, you should not provide salty foods or sugary drinks as alternatives.

- Unless otherwise stated, all information applies to all councils. 

- Be as descriptive as possible! Include as much detail and information as possible in Form X.
- 1 sober monitor for every 15 attendees

Additional Form Due Date Reminders: 

IFC and CPC:
Form A’s {Third Party Vendor Events}
Due 14 Calendar Days BEFORE the Event @ 5:00PM - The Office of Greek Affairs

Form B’s {Non-Third Party Vendor Events}
Due 14 Calendar Days BEFORE the Event @ 5:00PM - The Office of Greek Affairs

Form C’s {Dry Third Party Vendor Events}
Due the Tuesday BEFORE the Event @ 5:00PM - The Office of Greek Affairs

Form D’s {Dry Non-Third Party Vendor Events}
Due the Tuesday BEFORE the Event @ Midnight - The Office of Greek Affairs Website Resources Tab

Form X {All Events}

- Due 14 Calendar Days before the event @ 5:00PM - e-mailed to mgcvp@iastate.edu

Form Y {Third Party Vendor Events}
- Due 14 Calendar Days before the event @ 5:00PM - e-mailed to mgcvp@iastate.edu

For more details and information regarding all forms, click here. 
Contact information for CPC, IFC, and MGC:

Addison Snyder: cpcprevention@iastate.edu
Drew Cubit: ifcprevention@iastate.edu
Ryan Heiderscheit: mgcvp@iastate.edu


Greek Membership Grades & Retention Reports
Megan Walsh
Office of Greek Affairs, Public Relations Intern


The Fall 2016 All-Greek Scholarship Reports have been released for the semester! Congratulations to the top sorority, Chi Omega, with a fall semester GPA of 3.46 and to the top fraternity, Farmhouse, with a fall semester GPA of 3.28. For more information, read the Academic Reports and to view the full Greek Community Annual Statistics Report.


Greek Community Calendar
2/16 Order of Omega Greek Skate
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3/26-4/2 Greek Week 
4/7-4/9 Greek Visit Day


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