Contract Breaks

Greek/Department of Residence Contract Cancellation Policy 2015-2016

  • Students who join the Greek Community on or before August 1, 2015 may cancel their Department of Residence Housing and Dining contract by forfeiting their $125 prepayment.
  • Any student who cancels their Department of Residence contract after August 1, 2015 to move into a fraternity or sorority house will forfeit their $125 prepayment AND be assessed 15% housing cancellation fee and board fee, unless the chapter is NOT eligible for additional contract breaks.
  •  New members are advised to talk with their chapter leadership if they are interested in breaking their Department of Residence Housing and Dining contract after August 1, 2015.
  • The standard Department of Residence Housing and Dining contract cancellation deadline for newly admitted students is May 1, 2015.
  • Department of Residence/Greek Contract Break Policy 2015-2016

Contract Cancellation Process

  1. Membership Acceptance Card (Bid Card) must be received by The Office of Greek Affairs (or postmarked) within 72 hours of the new member acceptance (completed in full including signature and date).
  2. New Member must cancel their contract with the Department of Residence one of three ways:
    1. Online by logging onto AccessPlus account
    2. In Person by visiting the Department of Residence Office

               Department of Residence Administrative Office
               2419 Friley Hall
               Ames, IA 50012
               515-294-2900 (phone)
               515-294-0623 (fax)

3.  Chapter must notify the Office of Greek Affairs by submitting the new member’s name, university ID and chapter affiliation information through the Approved Contract Break form.